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Related Sites

The materials listed here are primarily web sites with information of use to economic historians.

The listings have been roughly divided according to type of resource, though there is inevitably some overlap, and you will find that many sites have more than one kind of information. In addition, many of the sites have their own “hot lists” that provide excellent links.

If you have a suggestion for a web site that should be added to this list, please contact us.


Professional Organizations


Academic Journals

None of these are on-line journals, but they do provide a quick way to find out about submissions policies, subscription rates, and editorial boards, and many of them include tables of contents or abstracts of current articles.


Web Pages for Colleges and Academic Departments

Many of the department webpages include lists of interesting sites.


Individual Pages


Museums, Institutes, and Archives


Ongoing Seminars in Economic History


U.S. Government Sites


Library Catalogs


Major Listings of Historical Information

  • Commanding Heights Online illuminates the history of the global economy and shows how key economic theories have evolved in the context of historical events.
  • History Matters, American Social History Project, CUNY and George Mason University


Economics Working Paper Archives


Data Sets

  • Data Sets on the Economic History Server
  • Measuring Worth Data on US and UK GDP, exchange rates, gold prices, etc
  • Global Price and Income History Group
  • European State Finance Database
  • AHDS History Based at the University of Essex, AHDS History (formerly known as the History Data Service) is one of the five centres of the Arts and Humanities Data Service. AHDS History collects, preserves, and promotes the use of digital resources, which result from or support historical research, learning, and teaching. Its collection includes over 600 separate studies relating to a number of historical, economic and social issues, ranging in time from the late tenth century to the twentieth century.
  • ICPSR Database at the University of Michigan
  • IPUMS Census microdata for social and economic research.
  • International Cartel History Site Database of 150 international interwar cartels, examples of agreements and links to on-line publications.
  • Latin American Economic History Data Bank
  • NBER Economic Data
  • Oxford Latin American Economic History Database (OxLAD) A free, downloadable, on-line resource for reliable, consistent, and comparable economic and social data series from 1900-2000 for 20 countries in Latin America. It is produced by the Latin American Centre of Oxford University.
  • Record of American Democracy, 1984-1990
  • Scottish Economic History Database, 1550 – 1780
  • Social Science Information Gateway at Bristol, UK
  • Surgeon’s Certificates Dataset This dataset from the Center for Population Economics may be linked to other CPE datasets (military service records; pension records; 1850, 1860, 1900, and 1910 US Federal Censuses)