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Book Reviews

EH.Net Review offers reviews of new releases of interest to scholars and teachers in the fields of economic history, business history, and the history of economics. All book reviews are posted to the EH.Net-Review list, then added to EH.Net’s book review library.

Publishers are advised to email EH.NET Book Review Editor Ranjit Dighe about new titles. Alternatively, books can be sent to him at:

Prof. Ranjit Dighe
EH.Net Book Review Editor
Department of Economics, Mahar Hall
State University of New York at Oswego
7060 State Route 104
Oswego, NY 13126

Book Review Library

EH.Net’s book review library is available to anyone worldwide without charge. The archive is searchable by keyword, author, title, subject, time period, and geographic code. If you use these reviews, please cite EH.Net as the source.

Economic History Classics

During 2006 EH.Net published eight “Classic Reviews.” Modeled along the lines of our earlier Project 2000 and Project 2001 series, reviewers “reintroduce” each book to the profession, “explaining its significance at the time of publication and why it has endured as a classic.” Each review summarizes the book’s key findings, methods and arguments, as it puts it into the larger context and discusses any weaknesses.

Project 2000/2001

In addition to publishing reviews of recent releases, EH.Net offers two special collections of reviews. Project 2000 features a series of review essays on significant works in twentieth century economic history. These essays survey the works that have had the most influence on the field of economic history and highlight the intellectual accomplishments of twentieth-century economic historians. Project 2001 continues the series with reviews of twelve additional influential works in the field from any time period.

Forthcoming Book Reviews

We try to review all new contributions to economic and business history. Toward that ambitious goal, we can always use suggestions and additional reviewers. Our reviews are emailed to subscribers to the EH.Net Review electronic list and archived in the Book Review Library. The link below offers a summary snapshot of our reviews pipeline.

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